Tackling Air Pollution in Kathmandu

Haze and Dust in Kathmandu / AFP

According to Ashok Dahal and Annabel Symington of Agence France-Presse,
a powerful bus lobby prevents the implementation of legislation which would relieve pollution in Kathmandu. A government ban on public vehicles older than 20 years introduced in February has so far yielded only four minibuses and one bus being taken off the road.  An estimated 2,500 fail to meet new age requirements for vehicles.  Read more in The Nation Multimedia: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/news/life/living_health/30312948.

Nepal to Hold Elections

FILE PHOTO: Nepal's newly elected Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, also known as Prachanda, waves towards the media after he was elected Nepal's 24th prime minister in 26 years, in KathmanduGiven the result of recent elections in the U.S., it may not seem relevant that Nepal is set to hold their own soon.  But this is a big deal in Nepal!  A little-known fact is that this small nation deposed a monarch in a bloodless coup and now is in the process of instituting changes that will affect generations to come.  Read this account from Reuters news service and catch up on what’s been happening with politics in Nepal.

via Nepal to hold first local elections in 20 years: minister | Reuters

More on the End of Load-Shedding

via How Nepal got the electricity flowing – CSMonitor.com  explains how those at the head of the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) 0123-onepal-nepal-electric-blackoutexaggerated a power crisis which lined the pockets of a chosen few while holding back progress in Nepal and creating unnecessary hardship for its citizens.  The hero in this story is none other than Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, otherwise known as Prachanda, former guerrilla leader in the Maoist insurgency.  Shortly after taking office, he appointed Kul Man Ghising as the NEA’s managing director, who says he is “managing demand and supply with maximum efficiency and complete honesty”.  How refreshing!



Two Asian SkyRunning Champions — Both from Nepal


Congratulations to Sunmaya Budha (left), an 18 year old from remote Jumla, Nepal who, at the beginning of this month, became the Asian SkyRunning Championships Ultra SkyMarathon® champion – her friend Purna Laxmi took silver medal.

She won the title, but came second in the race. But, second to who? No less than the current Trail Running World Champion, Caroline Chaverot. Sunmaya has only a teeny tiny history of running trail races: a 12 km race in January, 30 km in September, a stage-race around Manaslu in November. And then this 50+ km race in Hong Kong, 20km longer than any race she’d run before.

Load-Shedding To End in Nepal

load-shedding-in-nepal HubPages

The regular interruption of power in Nepal causes more than a little inconvenience.  Often residents resort to alternative sources imported from abroad or hold back on modern improvements because the power to supply them cannot be relied upon.  Recent increases in power supply, as well as identified sources of leakage have contributed to progress, and, at least in the Kathmandu Valley, load-shedding has not occurred since the festival of Tihar.

Follow this link to read some highly effective commentary on the subject from Uttam Maharjan in The Rising NepalThe Rising Nepal: Ending Load-shedding In Kathmandu Valley