One Year Without Vehicle Horns

Vehicle HornsTraffic moves along a road in Kathmandu, Nepal, on Nov. 1, 2017. (Sara Hylton/Bloomberg News)

The use of vehicle horns has been outlawed in Kathmandu since April of 2017, the start of the Nepali year.  Many doubted the ban would be successful, but one year later, the streets remain quiet.

“To mark the new year we wanted to give something new to the people of Kathmandu,” said Mingmar Lama, the head of the traffic police at the time the ban was introduced. “The horn is a symbol of being uncivilised. We wanted to show the world how civilised we are in Kathmandu.”

The ban was later introduced in other parts of the country, including the tourist hot spot Pokhara.

Source:   Vidhi Doshi, India correspondent for The Washington Post based in New Delhi.

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