Epic Photo. Sad Story.

aftershock-nepal-main_hPhoto: Daniel Berehulak

A Year After the Quake, Nepal Is Still a Mess

“If the earthquake was Nepal’s only problem, then people would be fine, in the way of being fine when you lift stones all day to rebuild your house, watch your children die of communicable diseases, and see your local schoolhouse sit destroyed and empty for six months because the patrician class in Kathmandu can’t get organized to receive and spend $4.4 billion. They’d be fine in the tough way of Asian peasantry, their mute suffering ignored in the capital and labeled cultural resilience by foreigners.” — Patrick Symmes.

This article was filed to  Outside Features, Nepal from Outside Magazine, June 2016.  I received it via a posting on Facebook by Wide Open Vistas

If you haven’t already, click on the article’s title (A Year After the Quake…) to read it in its entirety.  It’s well worth the time you’ll spend.