Sierra Writers to Hold Read/Sign/Sell Event at Open Book on August 26, 2017.

Buhari small book cover2Linda-portrait-webThe Open Book is a used book store, meeting space and event center in Grass Valley, CA.  They will supply the venue for me and fellow authors to read from our books.  Mine will be Buhari — A Family Odyssey in Nepal.  Each author plans to read for 15 minutes and will provide snacks and/or beverages for attendees.  On this date, I’ll be selling my book at a discount off the list price with no shipping charges!

Learn who else will be reading at:  For directions to The Open Book, click here or paste this address in your browser:

Nepal Attracts Foreign Investment

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industry-2489601__340According to a July 20, 2017 article in the Himalayan Times, fiscal year investment in Nepal reached Rs 15.17 billion.  The largest investor was China, followed by India second and the United States third.  Ten other nations also invested, all dividing their investments between, large, medium and small scale industries.

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