Nepal’s failed development – Al Jazeera English

via Nepal’s failed development – Al Jazeera English.  There are no words to describe the corruption, the greed, the uncontrolled vice and crime.  While her  Gurung woman weaves on the porchcountrymen and women suffer in silence, living their entire lifetimes waiting to see change that will make a real difference in their lives, those in power let the aid money be frittered away.

The linked article by Thomas Bell tells a story few people who love Nepal want to hear.  I offer it here to serve as a background to more uplifting stories where the human spirit prevails, and some Nepalis manage to lift themselves out of the poverty that fails to hold them back.

Wide Open Vistas ( Hike to Shivapuri Peak )

WOV groupWOV Hike to Shivapuri Peak

WOV girls hike to the top of Shivapuri Peak.  Outings like this provide encouragement and positive role modeling for girls in Nepal.  My dear daughter-in-law, Sonam Shah, pictured second from right in the rear, led the hike.  Raj Pradhan came along to make the video.  #‎TEAMWOV‬ ‪#‎Nepal‬