Gender Equality and Social Inclusion – Incident Monitoring Report 2017

CM-GESI-Final-report-print-page-001This report is based on data of gender based violence and discrimination against women and Dalits collected by the Nepal Peace Monitoring Project throughout 2017.

Source: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion – Incident Monitoring Report 2017

Bill Gates Supports Income Brackets to Describe World

Image: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

Bill gates will eradicate “developing” and “developed” from his vocabulary after reading  a recently released book entitled, “Factfulness,” by his good friend and Swedish statistician Hans Rosling.

Here’s how the four global income levels break down:

Level 1: People live on less than $2 a day. Rosling estimates that one billion people are living at or below this threshold. They get around on their own two barefoot feet, cook over an open flame like a cookfire, fetch water in a bucket, and sleep on the ground.

Some people living in countries like Nepal, Madagascar and Lesotho fall into this income category — but not all.  Many have much higher incomes, especially if they live in big cities.