Nepal Holds First Local Elections in Twenty Years

Local ElectionsPhoto credit — Associated Press

While we celebrated Mother’s Day in the U.S., Nepalis headed to the polls.  An estimated 71 percent of eligible voters selected local officials, a privilege denied them for the last twenty years.  After ousting their monarchy, the country is poised to show the rest of the world how democracy works.  Read more at ABC News:

KMC starts managing tangled wires – Capital – The Kathmandu Post

fixing-wire-07052017074903-1000x0The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has started management of the wires and cables hanging from utility poles.

Tangled wires mar an ancient city struggling to catch up with the rest of the world.  The news the city is removing them is encouraging, but far from the perfect scenario of seeing no wires in the city at all.  Despite the mess, internet connectivity is faster here than in many of other countries around the world (most notably the United States), and since modernization began in many areas of Nepal after the advent of portable cell phones,  telephone lines often became unnecessary.

Source: KMC starts managing tangled wires – Capital – The Kathmandu Post